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Intimacy, Romance, Love and Sex. The greatest virtual sex ever for Skryim.
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Love Conquers All.
OSex brings award winning and tasteful intimacy, romance and sex to Skyrim. It features thousands of scenes all seamlessly connected with movement where you control every action through beautifully illustrated interactive menus. Each animation is hand crafted with charm and detail by one of Skyrim's most legendary animators, Ceo. OSex is the only interactive adult experience featuring seamless animation at this scale. Without hyperbole, come and experience the greatest virtual sex ever made and remember...
Love Conquers All.
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Please support me by following and liking my social media, being a part of my discord and donating to my patreon. I pledge to match all the support you show me by delivering ground breaking content, animations for OSex and features for OSA+.
"Beautiful. Words cannot describe this piece of art. The English vocabulary is so small we need more words to describe incomprehensible perfection."
- Erdnis8 on OSex
"The Genius who created OSex has made it one of the best possible options as a VR sex game."
- Virtual Reality Times on OSex
"The most innovative mod ever made! ... this is modding at it's finest."
- Shinji72 on OSex
"I am a draftsman, by trade... but to do what you are doing goes well beyond what I would be capable of. Your creativity is off the charts."
- Rangerspock on OSex
"Are you god? Maybe you are..."
- hahalooks on OSex * (No, I'm not a god, I'm a learning machine from the future.)
This mod is meant to be only a visual reenactment of elements relating to physical intimacy, and sexuality. OSex in no way embodies or captures sex in reality. If you are unable to process fake, fantastical, and fictional sex responsibly and maturely I ask that you please not partake in my mod. OSex is not an example of a healthy sexual relationship and should never be interpreted in any way as one, it in no way depicts the intent, meaning, or emotion involved in sex on top of an endless list of other elements, tangible and intangible. Please do not partake in in this mod if you are unable to see it for what it is and what it is not.

Please be respectful to your significant others, love ones and family, and consider their feelings before using this mod. Virtual sex or immersion are never worth hurting the feelings of loved ones and it's use can very easily do that depending on your type of relationship and the people in your life.
OSex and all related content and tools ©Ceo. All rights reserved.
In the past, I temporarily granted some usage permissions for the OSA 2.033 SE and OSex 2.02SE-Alpha projects to Migal under the assumption that they would be used as Migal described, for making a GUI tool to write OSA scenes. Those permissions were already revoked soon afterward. But, just to make it publicly clear now: Any and all previously expressed or implied permissions to anyone are revoked. OSex and OSA and all related content are All Rights Reserved, Ceo. All tools created by Ceo are All Rights Reserved, Ceo.
Installation SE
OSex requires my OSA mod to function. Please install OSA and it's requirements then install OSex. Installing or updating OSex does not require a clean save and will not leave any footprint at all on your save file.
OSex for Skyrim Anniversary or Special Edition
OSex Animation Plugins for Skyrim Anniversary or Special Edition
OSex EXTRAS for Skyrim Anniversary or Special Edition
OSex for Skyrim Legendary Edition
OSex Animation Plugins for Skyrim Legendary Edition