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A party based openworld RPG for PC.
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Intimacy, Romance, Love and Sex. The greatest virtual sex ever for Skryim.
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Sky Set Ablaze is a studio established to develop the OUniverse franchise and it's first flag ship installment OUniverse One. At first this studio was essentially just me but along the way I have found some incredibly talented like minded individuals. Now the studio has assembled a small but impressive team of gifted artists and brilliant programmers.

My Role
I am founder of the Studio and LeadDev on the OUniverse One projects. My primary role is using my multi-discplinary understanding to ensure the fusion of art, tech-arts and programming arrivate at an awesome combination. I am also heavily involved in the arts process making by hand art, animations and 3D assets. Most major characters, creatures, items, clothing and architecture I create personally to ensure the world is full of lovable inhabitants, and beautiful places that you will wish you could visit yourself. I also wind up doing a TON of programming.
Get Involved
As you know from engaging with me over the years, I like to be a transparent dev that engages with the community for feedback and ideas. Please, keep engaging with me on this project, sharing your ideas, feedback, concerns, or just following along with my progress and chatting, I love it all! The only caveat is that I can be opinionated, I am doing this primarily out of great passion for the gaming medium, and I care greatly about many parts of my vision being achived, so I will listen and appreciate all ideas but will not bend to everything.
Stay Connected
Thanks for your interest in this studio, when we have some time we will setup a proper website for the studio but in the meantime you can engage with the individual creators on our team. You can connect with me through my Discord community and interacting with my social medias.