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OSA+ is the sequal to the award winning OSA Animation Framework for Skyrim. Its mission is to enhance the potential of animation and action in Skyrim to levels never before seen in any game. The new OSA+ is completely rewritten from scratch to be more powerful, full of new features and more fun. With a robust and clean API, and the powerful Scribe tool for writing custom data, not only is it much stronger but far easier. Just as the legacy OSA took a large leap forward , we once again go further with OSA+ and this time the potential is limitless.
But what is OSA+?

OSA creates all the magic of my OSex mod. It powers the facial expressions, menus, special effects, sounds and the dynamic AI that controls the reactions and arousal of the characters. It works as a Harmony of Skyrim’s scripting language Papyrus combined with the Flash ActionScript2 of Skyrim's Scaleform UI. This offers incredible advantages as ActionScript2 is more powerful and flexible than Papyrus and uses it’s own relatively limitless memory which does not clog up the game processor.

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OSA and all related content and tools ©Ceo. All rights reserved.
In the past, I temporarily granted some usage permissions for the OSA 2.033 SE and OSex 2.02SE-Alpha projects to Migal under the assumption that they would be used as Migal described, for making a GUI tool to write OSA scenes. Those permissions were already revoked soon afterward. But, just to make it publicly clear now: Any and all previously expressed or implied permissions to anyone are revoked. OSex and OSA and all related content are All Rights Reserved, Ceo. All tools created by Ceo are All Rights Reserved, Ceo.
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OSA for Skyrim Anniversary or Special Edition
OSA for Skyrim Legendary Edition
OSA Extras
Not yet available but please keep checking in!
OSA+ 1.0 (Alpha)