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Artist, designer, and programmer that works under the pseudonym Ceo (see-oh). I use a process to learn and innovate interpreted from analyzing the journals of Leonardo Da'Vinci known as Curiosita. Briefly, all answers exist already in nature and all we need to do is find them, this is true both for technical problems and creative ones.

I speak all modern relevant programming languages and I enjoy every artistic medium but work mostly digital in 3D, 2D, Illustration and Tech Arts. I have a love for art history and as such am a dedicated student to learning from the past. Video games have been a passionate hobby of mine and a lot of my work revolves around game systems and gamdev.
New England, USA
My career is doing art book layouts for museums and ditributors but lately I've turned my attention towards my responsibilities as Lead Dev at Sky Set Ablaze.
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Dear Diary
Posted Novemeber 7, 2021

Currently I am entirely focused on rebuilding my Skyrim community and bringing the OSA and OSex projects to the + series, which I consider a point of completion and polish these projects both deserved to be at but never reached.

Step one in achieving this was creating a more efficient animation rig. The cataclysmic failure of the Blender rig was a large waste of time but led to the completion of the new Max animation rig. I'm able to animate at least 10 times faster than I could in the past and a boon of the max rig is that I am still afforded access to my old animations.

I am making a massive push to complete the next versions of OSex+ and OSA+, and even after the initial launch I would like to release fairly subtantial animation packs focusing on corrections and repairs to incomplete sections. With the new rig it is just so much faster and fun to animate so I don't forsee this being too daunting. In the Skyrim realm this means OBody and OSkyrim are both indefinintely put on hold until I can finalize a solid release of the OSex/OSA+ series.

OUniverse progress will be delayed slightly as I take a break to focus on Skyrim, but after the initial launch of the + series I will complete the RigBuddy script to include quadraped animals and then make a series of architectural art assets to take a break from all the coding I've been doing lately.